Monday, April 16, 2012

Why use tape?

I must admit, that after receiving a message from an eBay seller expressing confusion over my feedback (it was a link to this post), I feel a bit empowered. Not so much to go out and hit up more auctions. No, to leave feedback in the form of blog posts that share my experience from the latest round of winnings bids.

Two more winning auctions, from the same seller, arrived in today's mail.

And while I don't have the same concerns as the first round, I get annoyed with sellers who feel the need to use cheap tape to seal top loaders. Peeling away the tape leaves a sticky residue that renders the top loader useless. Sorry, but I expect a new top loader that allows me to move a card, if I so choose, straight from the envelope to storage box.

Besides, the items were in a team bag, which, to me, renders each strip of tape unnecessary.

There, how's that for feedback? Picky? Maybe. Spot-on accurate? Absolutely. The customer, no matter the outlet, is always right.

2005-06 UD SP Game-Used Marian Gaborik Authentic Fabrics jersey
Winning bid: 99 cents
Shipping: $1.99 

2005-06 UD SP Game-Used Stephen Weiss Authentic Fabrics jersey
Winning bid: 99 cents
Shipping: 50 cents (total of $2.49 for the combined items) 


  1. yep, tape on top loaders means a lower rating from me. Every time.

  2. Interesting thoughts.

    I agree that eBay is a much different beast than it was 10 years ago.

    My expectations are that the card arrives in the condition it was listed in. I have no problems using old or recycled top loaders (I don't see the need to have a new one as its not what I'm on eBay to buy).

    I don't use new holders when I send because I don't know what the person will choose to do with the card once they get it (they may put it in a binder and toss the top loader anyways).

    I've always been a big proponent of communication and to me it's a two way street. If I as the buyer have certain expectations over and above what is listed in the auction, then it is me who needs to communicate that.

    I never assume.

    And if I receive something that is less than satisfactory to me, then I discuss it with the seller. I don't leave feedback until we are both on the same page.

    While I do believe the old adage that the customer is always right, I don't expect the sellers to read my mind either.

  3. Everyone's different. To me, a new top loader is part of the deal. Using a piece of tape to secure the card, especially when it sits inside a team bag, is a bit too much. It either obscures the top of the card or, once peeled, means others will stick to it.

    Did I skewer this seller with my feedback? No. He exceeded expectations in the four categories that eBay offers and received top scores. He did fall short, in my own estimation, in one area. That's what this feedback is all about.