Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Can't have it both ways, Marty

So, Marty, you ask Lightning fans to remember all of the years you put in before you selfishly demanded a trade because Stevie Y initially left you off the Team Canada roster. I'm sure there are a few Lightning fans wondering why you didn't do the same before you left the team in the middle of a playoff hunt.

If those years meant so much to you, what's another few weeks?

Up until your childish actions, I told Colin to watch you play, that you were an example for little guys like him to follow. Heck, your Lightning sweater was the first one he had. So, yes, he will remember those lessons.

The last lesson you taught him, though, and the one he'll remember, is that it's not right, as a team player and its captain, to place yourself above your team. A true leader doesn't do that. You did.

As a hockey dad, I'd like to thank you for that final and valuable lesson. Just another reason why he wears #37, not #26.

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