Thursday, May 9, 2013

Slam-dunk decision

Though I sometimes may questionable decisions when it comes to hounding, every so often I like to think, in borrowing a phrase from baseball, that I hit one out of the park. For instance, consider this puck signed by Pittsburgh's Jaroma Iginla.

Likely the biggest name that generated a headline at the NHL's trade deadline, Iginla joined a star-studded lineup in the Steel City. And, as far as hockey hounding is concerned, he only added to a target-rich environment any time the Penguins visit Hockey Bay.

When it came to choosing a puck for Iginla to sign, though, there was never a question about which one I wanted. The fact that he wore the team's third jersey in his Penguins debut was the determining factor and, if memory serves, was possibly the only one like it he signed that day.

So, in a way, it makes up for missing Evgeni Malkin. Kind of.

Next up: Penguins team report

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