Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hounding report: Los Angeles Kings

All along, from the first in-person hounding adventure more than nearly 20 years ago, the prospect of bad news, in terms of numbers, is part of the drill. That concept, or maybe it's an adage, was never more true in my second hounding trip of the season for the Los Angeles Kings.

For one, the team was staying at a hotel where I'd never hounded before. Second, the team, from what I heard, was lights out, in terms of signing, the day before. And, finally, and perhaps more importantly, with it being only the second team of the season I was still getting into the proper mindset.

Combined, those are my reasons for having the least productive day of hounding that I can remember in a long, long time on that mid November day. All told, and I'm not joking here, I walked away from a morning with four -- yes, just four -- autographs.

Talk about a rough start, eh?

Beyond pucks from assistant coaches Rob Blake, left, and Bill Ranford, the only other player who signed for me that day was Keaton Ellerby, who signed the two cards below:

Looking back, maybe that's why I waited so long to start posting about this season's hounding adventures. Really, after that start, there's only one direction to go, right? I'll take some comfort , though, from the quality of the pucks.

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