Friday, April 27, 2012

The Missus' reward

As I started to share the final 2011-12 hounding adventures, searching through photo folders, I stumbled across an impromptu trip we made in February to score a few autographs from Tampa Bay's Ryan Shannon.

It wasn't so much we that absolutely, positively needed to add him to the collection. No, it was more that he's one of The Missus' favorite NHL players. If memory serves correct, she muttered something about "dreamy eyes."

Given how much she has put up with our hockey adventures, from hounding to two-hour road trips to watch Colin play, it was an easy call to make the ride to Tampa (in rush-hour traffic, mind you) so she could meet Shannon at a public appearance.

Of course, we didn't go over empty-handed:

Pretty nice signature on the puck, don't you think?

We even had a few cards for him.

Colin even wore his Ryan Shannon Portland Pirates practice jersey.
Shannon, who got quite the kick out of seeing it, had signed it before.

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