Saturday, April 21, 2012

Now, this is more like it

For those following along with my eBay escapades this past week, you've likely developed a mindset that I'm not the most endearing bidder. No arguments here. From where I sit, I expect to land a bargain every time I place a bid. to me, that's what eBay is all about.

Out of the seven winning bids, this card is the best of the lot. What seals the deal for me is that all four swatches are guaranteed as being game-used. That's what I want in a card. Not "player-worn," "official NHL event" or "photo shoot."

If it isn't "game-used," eBay sellers must be clear about that. When they're not, I have no problems ringing them up. It's all about transparency, if you ask me. Makes me a picky S.O.B., doesn't it?

Even though I'll file this card away in the top-shelf memorabilia card lock box, I will also remember that the shipping fee was the highest of all the winning auctions. Not a major complaint, mind you, just my entitled opinion. If I didn't want to pay it, I never would have made a bid.

In this case, I didn't mind paying a bit of a premium.

2010-11 Black Diamond Quad Jersey Peter Stastny
Winning bid: $1.25
Shipping: $3.50

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