Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Early birthday present

Now that we're a couple of years into Colin's hockey, he fully understands that Christmases and birthdays will often mean hockey gear as presents. With his 11th birthday coming up Saturday, it was the perfect time to put this concept to work.

At first, we thought we had ordered a pair through one hockey shop. But when a call to check on the status led to us hearing there was no record of them being ordered, we put the kibosh on that. All it took was one phone call to another shop to find a pair -- in stock.

Even though we considered a new pair of Bauer Vapor X 5.0 or 4.0 skates, our pest-in-training ended up picking the new Bauer Supreme One.6 model, shown at left, for his latest set of wheels. His beat-up Bauer Supreme One100s lasted him 13 months.

He'll take his skates out for a spin later today, at TBSA Countryside during his weekly skating session, as he starts breaking them in before his first Tampa Bay Metro League game on May 6. Of course, we'll bring the old pair, just in case.

It took him two hours Wednesday, but he said the skates are now broken in.
Lots of skating backwards and working the edges.


  1. Those skates look like they served him quite well. Love the laces.

  2. I tell him that how he'll look like a "poser" over the next few weeks before the new skates get that game-used look.

    I relaced his new ones this morning with a fresh pair of skull and crossbones. It's all part of the package. Uses similar tape on his sticks, too.