Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What a card

With Colin off from school on spring break last week, we got out for a couple of hounding adventures. Jason Pominville, captain of my hometown team, the Buffalo Sabres, provided one of the funnier moments, so far, of the 2013 hockey-hounding campaign.

Colin, who was wearing his signed Sabres' Nathan Gerbe jersey, approached Pominville to have him sign his team sheet. Pominville, sizing him up, sensed an opportunity for a joke.

"Gerbe?" he said, referring to his diminutive 5-foot-5 teammate. "You're not Nathan Gerbe. You're taller than him. A lot taller than him."

Colin, who stands at 4-foot-9, immediately got the joke.

Next up: Buffalo's Ryan Miller

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