Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two Hall of Famers

It's always a good day any time you can add a Hall of Famer to your autograph collection. What do you call it, though, when you add a pair to the collection? Great? Awesome? Spectacular? How about all three?

It doesn't matter what I call it. It happened recently when the New Jersey Devils traveled to Hockey Bay and we added Martin Brodeur, left, and Scott Stevens to the autographed pucks collection.

Yeah, I know. Brodeur isn't in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Yet. But, we all know that he will be in his first year of eligibility. And even if I got his road-trip "M-t. No. B. dot" autograph, it's still another Brodeur autograph.

For Stevens, however, it was a first. As in the first autographed puck, and likely first-ever autograph, from the rugged defenseman.

Up next: Devils team report

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