Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Hockey Life: Back to my roots

When the abbreviated 2013 NHL season schedule came out, and I was penciling in a hounding schedule, the next 10 days drew my immediate interest. It's a span when two NHL teams near and dear to our hockey household will pay a visit to Hockey Bay.

For Colin, this Thursday will be the big day. The Boston Bruins, his favorite team, and Patrice Bergeron, his favorite NHL player, will be in town. Once again, he might miss a day of school so he can spend the morning, at the least, trying to rack up more autographs for the collection. We'll see. If not, I might drag myself out for them. Since winning the Cup, though, the team hasn't been the friendliest

Having said that, he and The Missus do have tickets to the game. At the least, hopefully Colin can get down to the glass during warmups and see his old buddy Patrice. I'll have to pass, as it'll be my first day back after nine days off.

Next Tuesday, it'll be my turn, when the Buffalo Sabres, the team I grew up rooting for, pay a visit to Hockey Bay. It's a time to put some pucks I bought on our road trip back home last summer to good use. It's funny, here I am, more than 50 years old, and I still get pumped up to see the Sabres.

Of course, I wish the Sabres I'd see were the ones from my youth. Danny Gare. Gil Perreault. Rene Robert. Rick MartinJim Schoenfeld. Jerry KorabBrian "Spinner" Spencer. Don LuceDonny Edwards. Larry Playfair. Still, today's edition, even if they're not having the best of the seasons, brings back fond memories.

Going into this abbreviated season, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about hounding. It had been a long time, since last April, that I'd been out. And, I'm ashamed to say, I still have items to put away. But after a few trips so far this season, it hasn't been all that hard getting back into the groove.

In the days ahead, you'll see some more of the rewards of our early season efforts. I'll get around posting the results of trips out for Winnipeg and the Rangers. I'm sure, too, we'll head out for a few more teams,

In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying the return of my hounding posts. When I started this blog, the theme was going to be more than hounding. And while I believe I've held up that end of the bargain, I don't want to give up what originally gave me my voice.

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  1. I'm very much enjoying the show & tells. I'm also enjoying hearing you enjoying the hounding. Have fun.

    Looking forward to what hopefully is an eventful and successful week for you.