Saturday, February 23, 2013

Historic moment

Due to a major test in French for Colin and my busy work schedule, we never made it out to hound the Boston Bruins this week. It was the first time in years, possibly stretching back to the late 1990s, that we'll go a season without getting autographs from the team.

Now, should the Bruins and Lightning meet in the NHL playoffs this season, we might have a chance to extend our streak.

Colin and The Missus, however, did attend the Bruins-Lightning game that evening, where Patrice Bergeron, Colin's best NHL buddy, acknowledged him twice -- with a nod of his head and an "air" fist bump -- during warmups. So, at least, one streak says alive.

After last week's Sunday column, when I wrote that we'd hound the B's and my hometown Buffalo Sabres, it was important to provide this update. Conditions exist, thankfully, for me to hound the Sabres on Tuesday afternoon.

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