Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pleasant change

It used to be that Carolina's Jordan Staal wasn't the easiest of the NHL brothers to score an autograph from when he played with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sure, he'd sign, but you could sense it was a chore for him.

Conversely, his brother Eric Staal, the Hurricanes' captain, was more much approachable, signing at least one or two items for anyone polite enough to ask.

During the Hurricanes recent visit to Hockey Bay, we noticed a bit of role reversal between the brothers and teammates. Jordan, as you can see here, willingly signed for us, even as we spied him walking away from the team's hotel.

Eric, on the other hand, showed no desire to sign.

As for their other sibling in the NHL, Marc Staal, of the New York Rangers, it seems like he has had a change of heart in his signing habits. Something of a toughie in years past, he was very pleasant to approach and willingly signed when the Rangers stopped by earlier this season.

I've heard, though, that neither Jordan nor Eric Staal signed at game time, heading out of the hotel and straight onto the team bus.

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