Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rookie mistake

It wasn't until we were in New Tampa, about an hour north of where we live, when we discovered, minutes before a seven-hour ride up Interstate 75 to north of Atlanta, that we had forgotten to bring along Colin's game jerseys for the Freedom Cup Invitational hockey tournament in Alpharetta, Ga.

At first, we considered letting Colin ride up with a teammate while we doubled back, picked up a rental car, stopped by the house to get his jerseys and finally head north ourselves. Thankfully, we found two practice jerseys -- in blue (his teammate's) and white (his) -- that Colin could use during the tournament. So, rather than be three hours behind, we piled into the minivan and hit the road.

Along the way, I contemplated calling a neighbor and asking him to go into our house, grab Colin's jerseys and send them to us overnight. Ultimately, I decided against it as, even though I knew he'd do it, I didn't want to impose upon him.

Once we arrived at the rink before the first game, I bought two rolls of tape -- one white and one black -- so I could apply Colin's No. 37 to his jerseys. To his credit, he had no problem with the tape job, just another sign of his resiliency this season.

As for me, I chalk it up to a very embarrassing teaching moment. Because I pride myself on being prepared, going forward I will double-check that we have everything -- and I do mean everything -- before heading off to Colin's games, be it in the Tampa Bay area or wherever our journey takes us.

It was no one else's fault but my own. And I'm glad that Colin was so understanding.

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