Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Hockey Life: My Hockey Mom

Editor's note: Beyond scoring a pair of goals for her earlier today, Colin is writing today's installment of The Hockey Life for his Mama.

Of all the reasons I love my Mama, there are three that are a part of my hockey.

~ The first reason is that she always gets me where I need to be. It doesn't matter if I'm late or not, she always gets me there. Some rides are short and some are long. Sometimes, we hit traffic. Sometimes we don't. I just know that she'll always get me to the rink.

~ The second reason is that she always helps me tie my skates. Or maybe I should say she ties my skates. Doesn't matter if it's a practice or a game, she always ties them just the way I like them, too.

~ The third reason is that she is always there to support me. From finding my neck guards to packing my hockey bag to reminding me about my mouthpiece, she is always there to help and support me.

More than anything else, I love that my Mama is a hockey mom. Hockey moms are the best.

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