Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthday surprises

It's no secret that the Boston Bruins' Patrice Bergeron is Colin's favorite NHL player. That fact has been chronicled many, many times. What was a secret, though, was that three game-used sticks were headed Colin's way.

I'd heard a few days ago that "Uncle Johnny" up in New Hampshire was sending Colin a hat trick of sticks for his birthday. Well, the package arrived Thursday afternoon. And once Colin finished his shooting practice (10 rounds of 17 pucks each), he was able to see what the odd-shaped box contained.

Needless to say, but I'm doing it anyways, Colin was pretty psyched when he saw what was within. Not only was there a stick from Bergeron's NHL rookie season, shown above, but the package also contained this signed stick:

Bergeron used this stick, which he verified within his autograph, against the Ottawa Senators
on Nov. 11, 2006, at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston. 

All three of the stick blades. Note, too, that the top stick, from the 2003-04 NHL season,
is all wood, not made of composite materials

All three sticks, as Lisa noted, are different in height, an adjustment Bergeron made during his career.

The unsigned stick, shown on the far left, was broken, but repaired nicely by "Uncle Johnny."

Colin now has four game-used Bergeron sticks, with three being signed. His first one, a Christmas present in 2005, is a pretty funny story.

The bottom photo shows Bergeron's name imprinted on the shaft of each stick.


  1. A great variation. Interesting the amount of change that can occur throughout a career.

    How will they be displayed/stored?

  2. Not real sure, at the moment. If and when we get the other one signed, they'll likely occupy a wall in Colin's room. His first one is already on a wall in there, joined by signed sticks from Patrick Roy, Marty St. Louis and the Notre Dame hockey team.

    Someday, when we truly settle into a location, we'll have a hockey trophy room where we can put much more of our collection on display. It's s shame, really, that so much sits in boxes.

    Still, can you imagine the space it would take to display 3,000-plus sticks, about 40 signed sticks, a dozen or so signed jerseys plus the assorted pieces of memorabilia?