Friday, March 16, 2012

One more for the books

Let's be honest, shall we? When we headed out to get Boston's Patrice Bergeron to sign Colin's rookie card earlier this week, it wasn't the only one we hoped he would sign. Also sitting atop our to-do list was this card, another custom created by Brett, that was Colin's reward for winning a friendly wager after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last summer.

Sure, Patrice may have missed the spot designated for his signature, but it's still a keeper that will also find a place of prominence in the display case. Given that it's one of only two or three copies, it's certainly a scarce card that will be prized within our personal collection.

Colin also gave Patrice a copy of this card.

All told, Colin now has three custom cards, all done by Brett, that Bergeron has signed.

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