Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hounding haul: San Jose Sharks

Every so often, when the hockey plants align, we're able to hound two NHL teams at the same time. That happened in mid-February when the Ottawa Senators and San Jose Sharks were staying at the Westin Harbor Island hotel.

So, while heading out for the Senators, I packed some items for the Sharks. And why we added only six autographs, we can't complain about the two big-name players who we managed to see that day:

Pucks signed by Dan Boyle, left, and Patrick Marleau;

Marleau signed this trio of cards ...

... and Boyle added this card.


  1. I like the Olympic pucks. Very ice.

    Would make for a neat side project.

    Have you ever built a 'side project' consisting of just pucks?

  2. Over the years, I've probably have enough to create a couple. First-round draft picks, U.S.-born players, etc. In this case, there are too many players who aren't the friendliest/easiest of signers, so I don't believe I'd be able to complete.

    Given our changing priorities now that Colin's playing more, we're taking much more of a hobbyist's approach than anything else. Before, we had to get pucks signed. Now, if we get some, we get some.

    I'll doubt we'll ever stop hounding, taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, but it's not as much of a priority these days.

    But, yes, those pucks are nice. The gold paint pen, a bit of symbolism, looks nice, I think.