Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking a pass

Not that my presence was truly missed, but I passed on hounding the Florida Panthers yesterday morning. Seeing that it was the home opener, I really should've made the trip over to Tampa. But, with my car in the garage and a nagging cold that won't go away, I felt it best that I stay home and get some freelance work done.

It's not like the Panthers won't be back this season, too. Even with all of the new faces down there in South Florida, I can wait for a return trip. It also shows the realignment of my priorities this season. That's one of the benefits of not having to hound for a living.

Having said that, Colin and I might head over Saturday morning for the Sabres. Because I'm pulling a night shift and he doesn't play until 2 p.m., our schedules are clear for a morning skate session. Besides, I have a few pucks left over from last season.

Now, if this freakin' cold would go away.

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