Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No, not yet

This past Sunday, before Colin took to the ice for a Tampa Bay Metro League game, a fellow hockey parent was lamenting how some parents are foolishly believing their son will someday play in the NHL.

"How many years have kids been skating here in this rink?" he asked anyone willing to listen. "Not a single kid has made it. Nor will any make it."

And though he has a point -- no players have made it to the NHL out of this rink -- I had to bite my lip. It's good he already knows this, I thought to myself, because, well, it'll be a reality for him.

As one of those parents helping their son chase that dream, I don't think it's foolish. No, not the least little bit. It's my job, as a hockey parent, to afford my son every opportunity.

Like I always say, Colin has a long, long, long way to go. That's why I also say we're raising a hockey player, not a goal scorer. We'll know over the next few years if changes, such as moving to a more challenging environment, are in order.

You know what, though? Someone has to be the first. Why not my kid?

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