Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting ready for practice

Between our work and school schedules, and the practice rink more than 20 miles from home, Tuesdays are a busy day for our hockey household. What does that mean? Colin has to get dressed for practice at the newsroom.

We'd been dropping him off at a teammate's house, so he could catch an earlier ride to his Tampa Bay Jr. Lightning practice. A trial run, with him ready for the ice when The Missus picked him up at the paper, showed he could arrive at the rink in time for practice.

So, after finishing his homework and fueling up on a PB&J or a Fluffernutter, Colin starts the 10-minute process of donning his gear, including his skates, amid the smiles of my newspaper colleagues. Thankfully, we've yet to hear any complaints.

Should his journey lead to bigger pastures, I'm sure many people other than us will remember those Tuesday afternoons. It may not be the most traditional of locker rooms, but, hey, it works.

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