Tuesday, August 27, 2013

American Hockey Gothic 2013

Just for the record, and because I like this photo, we're proud to announce that Goalie Dude, our arts and crafts project for the Hockey Laboratory of Hockey Bay, was completed earlier this week and has been put into service.


  1. sweet. I remember drawing one of those, including the net, on our barn wall back in the day.... that barn took a beating.

    But I have to say... with goalies nowadays, GoalieDude looks a bit short. Isn't Lindback, Rinne, Karlsson, Bishop et al all around 6'8"?

    Have fun you two.

  2. We wanted to keep it as a Pee Wee-sized player, the size that Colin will likely face this season. But, yes, you're right, NHL goalies are pretty tall these days.