Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Interesting stats

Just last week, I liked a page on Facebook dedicated to getting rid of bullying here in the Tampa Bay area. Given that we've had to deal with it repeatedly this travel team hockey season (and, sadly, it still hasn't gone away), it's a subject that hits close to home.

The group shared an image that detailed the personal consequences of bullying. Two pieces of information stand out. 1.) What the victim of bullying goes through, as we've noticed that here at home. 2.) The path that bullies can take as they grow older.

Bottom line, it's unfortunate that this remains a problem, here in Tampa Bay and across the nation. Unfortunately, some people -- adults and children alike -- just don't get it.

And, if people don't like what I'm saying here, that's too bad. I'm only telling the truth.

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