Monday, November 12, 2012

Pop quiz

So, I'm curious, which of these would be classified as bullying?

a.) A teammate says you suck in front of the locker room;
b.) A teammate threatens to punch you in the nose;
c.) A teammate falsely accuses you of punching an opponent in the helmet cage;
d.) A teammate "sneezes" ice shavings from a skate at you;
e.) A teammate flicks not one, but two drink caps at your head; or
f.) All of the above.

Quitting a team would only mean a bully wins. Sorry, but that's not going to happen.


  1. All those things are disgraceful...a couple years ago I had a friend on the team that just wasn't meshing with the rest of the guys and some very derogatory remarks were made toward him every practice, game etc. finally I had to tell the team to shut the *bleep* up because we are a TEAM and teams are FAMILY, and you would never say those things to family. That seemed to build some respect and after that we played a lot better instead of continuing our mediocre never give up!

  2. Thanks, Michael, we'll see what happens in the days ahead. It's our hope that it ends and this becomes a teaching moment.

  3. A,B,C for sure,
    D,E depending on who the other kid was or the age of the player is common locker room teasing etc, but at the younger age's it may just be kids being "ass holes"

  4. Well, actually, D and E are considered criminal actions. According to our friends in law enforcement, D is grounds for battery and E would bring attempted battery charges.

  5. like i said, with older kids this is probably just being a pain or teasing a teamate,
    however at your sons age i feel this is probably bullying, i would contact the coach or somone with the team

  6. We did, every time something happened. We even got the youth hockey director involved. We haven't had any issues since then.