Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Hockey Life: Getting busier

Over the past six weeks, I've made quite a big deal out of my newfound hobby of walking. More so on Facebook and Twitter than a single post here on the blog, I've posted milestones and my miles reached since I started pounding the pavement.

Just last week, for instance, I logged two 100-blocks-walked days on my way to piling up more than 31 miles. I also logged my 100th mile of October last week.

Those distances, however, may not be as great in the coming weeks. I received word last Friday that I landed a freelance writing and editing gig with a Tampa, Florida, law firm.

For us, that's really great news. Extra money, especially around the holidays, always comes in handy. This new opportunity, too, could also open doors to major changes down the road. Or, at least, that's what I'm hoping.

This new responsibility, though, comes with a small price: It'll likely cut into the time available, especially during the early afternoon, to take my walks. I imagine, too, that I won't be logging nearly as many miles.

In the grand scheme of things, there's more to life than making money. That's why I'll structure my days in the weeks ahead to get in a walk, weather and health permitting, every morning after dropping off Colin at school. And I'll find time to squeeze in a few more -- here and there -- to continue losing weight and get healthier.

* * *

It's not just the holidays that will put this new income stream to work. No, Colin's hockey picks up over the next few months, meaning we'll continue to contribute to the nation's economy by supporting his athletic endeavors.

Aside from his Central Florida Hockey League schedule, Colin and his Jr. Bulls Peewee A teammates will be playing in three tournaments in less than three months. It all begins Thanksgiving weekend in Coral Springs, Fla. About a month later, between Christmas and New Year's Day, there's another in Estero, Fla. A trip to Atlanta in Mid-January, for a Martin Luther King's Day tournament, rounds out the trio.

All told, we'll expect to pay between $500 to $700 for each tournament. Between transportation, lodging, sustenance, tournament souvenirs and fees, it all adds up pretty quickly. Still, it's all about having fun.

* * *

Speaking of having fun, it has been increasingly difficult to have much since Colin joined the Jr. Bulls organization this season. Without going into much detail, as a recent and second incident has yet to be dealt with, let's just say there's an issue that, in our viewpoint, hasn't been eliminated.

All I'm willing to say now, and I've made this point clear to one of the parties involved, is that zero tolerance means zero tolerance. It shouldn't matter if people have been a part of the organization for years or months.

To me, it's time to send a stern message, even if it means making an example of someone.

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