Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hounding haul: Boston Bruins

To say that we were disappointed by the Boston Bruins a couple of weeks ago would be an understatement. It wasn't that Colin and I scored only eight autographs. Really, that was to be expected. Any time a team wins the Stanley Cup, the players become that much tougher -- from a signing standpoint -- during the next season.

No, our disappointment centered around not being able to see Boston's Patrice Bergeron. Besides having a card to share with his best NHL buddy, Colin also had some pretty big news -- that he'd be skating as the Lightning Dream Kid before the game and, if Patrice started, would be sharing the ice with him during the national anthem.

As we headed home after the Bruins morning skate, I reminded Colin that Patrice has been pretty good to him over the years. The novelty of having one of his biggest fans in Florida, though, might be wearing off, too. To his credit, Colin handled the letdown in pretty good fashion.

Besides, the Bruins come back in March. It's likely, too, that Colin could have another case of Bruins flu. Maybe then, he'll get to ask Patrice, who started the game for Boston, if he noticed him on the ice during the anthem.

Cards signed by, from left, Gregory Campbell, Joe Corvo, Milan Lucic and Tyler Seguin.

Milan Lucic signed the one and only puck we could add to the collection.

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  1. That's too bad. Hopefully you guys will be able to chat Patrice up in March. Do you have any photos of Colin and Patrice 'sharing the ice'?

  2. I couldn't get any as my position was limited during the anthem. We're hoping one of our photographer friends at the paper, whom we tipped off about the connection, got one for us.