Thursday, December 15, 2011

Luck of the draw

Given our financial commitment to playing travel team hockey, the idea of buying a box of hockey cards is a bit unrealistic. Any cards we buy these days come in fat packs, found at such retail stores as Target or Walmart.

To me, they're a much better deal than the blaster boxes, as long as you buy only a couple of packs. I've never been much of a set collector, viewing cards more as a signing platform than anything else.

Every so often, though, we pull a card that won't ever see the point of a Sharpie, Take this one, for instance, pulled from a fat pack of 1022-12 Upper Deck Hockey Series I. A quick search on eBay found that this Young Guns UD Canvas short print for Edmonton's Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was in demand, fetching more than $100.

Not a bad pull, if you ask me.


  1. nice. sell it quick, before he gets a concussion.

  2. Sweet card, who pulled it? Senior Saar or Junior Saar? and who got more excited?

    Mr. Al

  3. Colin pulled it from the pack, telling me we had some "canvas card with a nugent hopkins on it," when we were in the car headed to practice.

    I had him hand it to me very gently, holding the sides and placed it into a book I have in the car.

    I need to stop by a card shop and get a proper slab for it.